New signs installed on sports field regarding dogs on the field

February 14th 2022

A survey of local residents was carried out in summer 2021 asking for their views on the matter of dogs on the sports field and their potential impact on other users. The results of that survey were published in October, see survey results.

After considering the points made in the survey responses, the parish council resolved to install new signage on the field making it clear to dog owners the rules that should be followed if exercising their dogs there. These include keeping dogs off the football pitch at all times, not using the field between dusk and dawn, keeping the dogs under close control at all times, ensuring that the owners always have dog poo bags to hand etc. The potential consequence of a fixed penalty notice for failing to pick up a dog’s faeces is also emphasised.

A number of local residents have volunteered to monitor the situation on the field and to bring to the attention of the parish council any particular problems.

The new signs have now been installed and the dog bin has been moved to a more prominent position at the entrance to the field.



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