Annual Parish Meeting 11 April 2022

March 29th 2022

To all electors of Tregony with Cuby Parish:

You are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 11 April 2022 at 7 p.m. in Tregony Village Hall.

The Annual Parish Meeting is a legacy from the Middle Ages, when Local Councils did not exist, and all local decision making was carried out by meetings of the whole community, taking place in the church vestry.

The Annual Parish Meeting is open to all electors of the Town or Parish, who have the right not only to attend but also to speak on any matter of local interest. This is in contrast to a Council meeting, where electors who are not Councillors have no automatic right to speak (though Tregony with Cuby, like most parish councils, does have a set time before the Council meeting when electors can raise matters of concern to them).

This meeting has its own minutes, which is kept separately from the Council minutes, and these minutes can only be approved by the next Annual Parish Meeting which will, of course, not be held until the following year. It is however, good practice to bring the draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting to the next convenient meeting of the parish council, since otherwise matters are unlikely to get progressed.

Village organisations are invited to attend and to update residents about the activities of their organisations.

See TWC annual parish meeting agenda 11 April 2022

For minutes of last annual parish meeting of Tregony Parish, see Annual parish meeting 2019 minutes

Please note: because of the high rate of Covid infection in Cornwall, we are encouraging people who attend this meeting to wear a face covering/mask. However, this is not obligatory and we will not refuse admission to any person not wearing a face covering/mask


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