Services From Tregony with Cuby Parish Council

Tregony Parish Council teamed up with Roseland Surgeries Patients Group a few years ago to install public access defibrillators in strategic places within the village. The defibrillators can be used by anyone without any training by following the voice instructions given by the machine.

Throughout the parish are a number of public footpaths. Cornwall Council has the overall responsibility for ensuring that these paths are kept open to the public and are reasonably accessible. The parish council has entered into a maintenance agreement with Cornwall Council (as have many other parish councils across Cornwall) whereby the parish ensures that the paths are checked and strimmed each year.

Cornwall Council, as the Highways Authority, is responsible for maintaining all the publicly adopted highways in the area. This includes repairs such as pothole filling, street sweeping, keeping drains clear etc. However, the parish council has decided to provide additional street cleaning over and above what Cornwall Council provides in order to improve the amenity for the local residents.

The parish council invested in two mobile speed visors a few years ago. These are deployed at different locations around the village and are maintained by the parish council in order to try to encourage motorists to stick to the 20 mph speed limit through the village.

The previous parishes of Tregony and Cuby co-operated in setting up a joint burial board many decades ago. The burial board is responsible for maintaining the civil cemetery in Back Lane and the earlier cemetery adjacent to the church and offers a burial service for local residents. This function is now incorporated into the new parish council.

The council owns and maintains parcels of land within the parish such as

  • The Giggan (behind the village hall)
  • The sand park (by the bridge)
  • The memorial garden (what was the old play park on Fore Street)

The council owns and maintains the play area known as Tyller Teg in Back Lane adjoining the sports field.

The council also owns the sports field but delegates management of that to Tregony Sports and Social Club.

The parish council owns and maintains the iconic clock tower in Fore Street.

Other Local Services

Tregony village hall is a great venue for your private party, wedding reception, family function, day or evening class or other activity.

Tregony with Cuby has three churches within the parish:

St Cuby at the top of Fore Street, on the corner of Back Lane

St Cornelly in its beautiful setting up from Dabs Hill

Tregony Bible Christian Chapel in Fore Street

A collection of useful links to external services, help lines and general information about utilities.

Tregony is served by buses on routes 50 and 51 running from the Roseland to Truro and St Austell.

A Repair Cafe operates in the village hall on the fourth Saturday of each month.