Cemeteries and Burials

The previous parishes of Tregony and Cuby co-operated in setting up a joint burial board many decades ago. The burial board was responsible for maintaining the civil cemetery in Back Lane and the earlier cemetery adjacent to the church and offers a burial service for local residents.

This function is now incorporated into the new parish council. At the council meeting of 9 August 2021, it was resolved to set up a Cemeteries and Burials Committee of the Council. The resolution was as follows:

  • The terms of reference shall be as per attached.
  • The number of members on the committee shall be a minimum of four and a maximum of six.
  • The members appointed to the committee as from August 2021 shall be: Councillors Matthews, Floyd-Norris, Ashley, Harris, Lytham.
  • The members shall serve on the committee until the annual meeting of Tregony with Cuby Parish Council in May 2022 at which time appointments to all committees will be reviewed. In the event of any members stepping down from the committee before May 2022, the council will appoint new members as necessary to ensure the minimum number is maintained.
  • The members of the committee shall appoint a chairman of the committee at its first meeting each year.
  • The committee will determine the number of times that it meets and the dates of the meetings.
  • The quorum for meetings shall be three.
  • The meetings shall be open to members of the public and notice of meetings and agendas shall be published in advance of meetings with at least three clear days’ notice. Agendas and minutes shall be reported to the next meeting of the full council and shall be published on the council website.
  • The clerk will be responsible for arranging meetings and publishing agendas, and for recording and distributing minutes of meetings.
  • The council delegates to the committee an annual budget to cover maintenance of the assets and miscellaneous expenses, and a sum to cover potential capital items within the cemeteries. In 2021/22, the annual maintenance and miscellaneous budget is initially set at £2,000 and the capital budget at £5,000. All expenditure shall be reported to the council through the normal monthly financial reporting system.

The financial regulations have been amended to reflect the changed procedures.

Cemeteries and Burials terms of reference


Tregony Cemetery