Christmas trees left on the Giggan

January 11th 2023

It has become the practice over the past few years for some local residents to leave their redundant Christmas trees on the Giggan in January and Cornwall Council waste collection service has picked them up from there. However, this year, the Council announced that it would no longer collect trees from residents other than from those residents who have subscribed to the garden waste collection service. The message to those residents is as follows:

“If you subscribe to our Garden Waste Collection service, you can put your real Christmas tree out on your normal garden waste collection day for shredding and composting up until 31st January 2022 .  We will collect trees up to 6ft tall.  If it is larger than 6ft, please cut it into two parts.”

Unfortunately, not all residents have seen this message and some have left their trees again on the Giggan. The parish council asks those residents who have done this to collect their tree and, if they have subscribed to the garden waste collection, to follow the advice above. Those residents who do not subscribe to the garden waste service need to take their tree to the Household Waste Recycling Centre or to chip and compost it at home.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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