Potential crossing in Fore Street

March 16th 2023

Tregony with Cuby Parish Council has been discussing with Cornwall Council Highways Department a potential solution to the problem that less mobile residents have in crossing Fore Street. A draft scheme has been drawn up to install a crossing point between the clock tower and the Kings Arms, at the steps outside no. 57 Fore Street. This would not be a Zebra crossing, but would comprise a build-out from the pavements with dropped kerbs on each side of the road allowing better visibility for pedestrians, people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters wishing to cross the road. The narrowing of the road at this point will also be a clear sign to motorists to slow down and to look out for people crossing the road. There would also be the benefit of providing a level surface for mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc. using the pavement on the shop side of the road to get around the steps that currently make it difficult for those people.

The proposal has been put forward under Cornwall Council’s community network highways programme that provides funding for small scale local schemes that have parish council and local community support. The scheme is included in the Council’s 2023/24 schedule of works but will not be formally signed off by the Council for some months yet. Final plans will be drawn up by Cormac highways engineers in the next few months and a formal public consultation process will be held. The parish council will be emphasising to Cormac that the materials used in the project should be appropriate to the conservation area of Tregony.

Meanwhile, the parish council hopes that local residents will feel that this represents a useful way forward to improve road safety in the village particularly for more vulnerable groups. We would welcome any comments from local residents on the proposal.




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