Tregony with Cuby Parish Council responds to pre-application proposal by Acorn Blue

April 26th 2024

A pre-application advice request has been lodged by Acorn Blue for a scheme comprising 56 dwellings on land east of The Glebe, see planning application PA24/00205/PREAPP.

The parish council has considered the proposal and has made comments to the planning officer at Cornwall Council as follows:

Dear Scott,

Tregony with Cuby Parish Council have discussed the pre-application made by Acorn Blue and the Diocese of Truro. As you know, this development would be the largest single increase in housing provision for our Parish in a generation and whilst the Parish Council supports affordable housing as part of a mixed development, we would like the following points and considerations to be included in this scheme if it proceeds:
To fully maximise the total number of affordable homes within the development, it is noted that a minimum of 30 homes are proposed – the Parish Council would like to see more than this and as many as possibly can be incorporated. Affordable houses to be positioned around the site instead of being concentrated in one place.
To emphasise our request that we as a Parish Council wish that the number of affordable homes will form the majority of the development.
The new homes to be built with future sustainability in mind. We would encourage the most sustainable building practices, and also, given the development’s position, the inclusion of solar panels as part of the builds would be very welcome, given climate change. 
The entrance and exit from the site to be positioned so as to minimise traffic congestion on a busy road which becomes highly congested during the morning Roseland Academy drop-off and afternoon collection times. Currently the proposed entrance/ egress is located at a narrow point in the road.
To ensure a generous parking provision for each house and a separate car park for residents and visitors – in the development.
To ensure efficient and fit-for purpose run-off water attenuation is included in the construction of the 56 houses. Flooding from run-off into the Glebe estate was seen recently with the high rainfall during Winter / Spring of this year.
 A well designed sewerage system. The nearby Glebe development requires almost weekly pumping out.
The water pressure is known to be low in this area – this issue to be addressed in the proposed scheme.
We would request that the developer Acorn Blue starts immediate and meaningful liaison with the Heads of both Roseland Academy and Tregony Primary Schools as well as with the GP Surgeries in Tregony and Probus to allow a plan for their future capacity building. Please note Councillors are setting up a meeting with the Heads of the two schools in the near future.
We would ask that Acorn Blue and the Diocese of Truro consider a contribution towards further provision of open spaces within our village in recognition of the increased residential population this scheme would create.
Best Regards
Mark Greet
Tregony with Cuby Parish Council”
If, in due course, the developer submits a full planning application for the site, the parish council will consider such application at that time in the normal way that it considers any other application in the parish.


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