Your Councillors

Every four years, elections are held for the positions of parish councillors. These elections generally take place at the same time as elections for the next tier up of local government. In the case of Tregony with Cuby, this meant that elections took place for the first time on 6 May 2021 on the same day as elections were held for councillors on Cornwall Council.

The persons elected to the parish council were:

Kevin Ashley, Bob Egerton, Joy Floyd-Norris, Esther Gray, Mark Greet, Kevin Harris, Graham Laity, Mark Lytham, Sean Mackenzie, Stewart Matthews.

Following the resignation of Sean Mackenzie on 18 September, the vacancy was advertised. At the parish council meeting of 13 December, the council co-opted a new member, Dorian Spackman.


Kevin Ashley


T: 01872 530750

Bob Egerton


T: 07785 748844
E: Email Bob Egerton

Joy Floyd-Norris


T: 01872 530646
E: Email Joy Floyd-Norris

Esther Gray


T: 07815 727604
E: Email Esther Gray

Mark Greet

Vice Chairman

T: 07785 928987
E: Email Mark Greet

Kevin Harris


T: 07967 158978
E: Email Kevin Harris

Graham Laity


T: 07879 685729
E: Email Graham Laity

Mark Lytham


T: 01872 530531
E: Email Mark Lytham

Stewart Matthews


T: 01872 530529

Dorian Spackman