Emergency road closure on road to Ruan Lanihorne

February 17th 2024

We have been advised by Cornwall Council Highways (Cormac) that the road to Ruan Lanihorne between Tregony Industrial Estate and Porters has had to be closed because of safety concerns. The message that we received was as follows – unfortunately, there is no indication of how long the closure will be in place.

“Good afternoon

I am contacting you to make you aware of an issue affecting the safety of highway users on the minor road between Tregony and Ruan Lanihorne. A section of embankment between the carriageway and the stream has started to show signs of serious instability and as such we have no choice but to close the road between the small industrial estate and the property called “Porters”.  I have attached a plan showing the closed section and the official diversion route.

We are aware that this will cause inconvenience to the local residents but we must prioritise public safety above all other considerations.

We will be undertaking further investigations as soon as possible to be able to identify the most appropriate resolution to this issue.  We will endeavour to open the road as soon as it safe to do so.

If you have enquiries could you please contact me using the address below.

Kind regards

Adrian Hosking | Senior Highway Steward
Cornwall Highways | Network Management”


See Ruan road closure


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